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Mount St. Helens: Land of Transformation

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Detailed Description

Mt St. Helens before 1980, Land of Transformation

A stylistic interpretation of pre eruption snowcapped Mount St Helens as seen from a blue Spirit Lake with green rolling hills.  

Text changes to May 18, 1980, Eruption. There is a grey explosion of rocks and smoke coming out the top of Mt St Helens. The hills and water are grey and brown.

Text changes to post-1980 eruption. Mount St Helens with part of the top missing with A smoke trail in the shape of a question mark coming out the top. The hills are grey and brown. water is grey.

Text changes to 1980-1986. A small lava dome has appeared were the explosion occurred. Hills are grey and brown with Spirit Lake changing in sections to a grey/blue color with a grey section. Some plants have sprouted.

Text changes to 1996-2004. A crater glacier has  now surrounded the lava dome. The hills are turning green/little brown and Spirit Lake is getting a little more blue. The plants have sprouted leaves. 

Text changes to 2004-2008. A second dome has appeared to the left of the first.. The hills are turning more green/little brown and Spirit Lake is the same blue with a grey section. More plants have sprouted leaves. 

Text changes to 2024. Mount St Helens with two domes and a crater glacier. The hills are green and spirit lake is blue with a grey section. The plants have bloomed, purple lupins. 




Public Domain.

Music used with permission from Michael Petersen.