Nat'l Comparison of USGS Compiled Irrigation Water Use Data

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Highlights of the Scientific Investigations Report 2011-5166 which documents methods of irrigation and inventories irrigation data collected for the 2000 and 2005 U.S Geological Survey.


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Dylan Cobean: Every state every five years is required to summarize how their state used all their water, for; you know every single different purpose: thermoelectric, hydroelectric, municipal, industrial.  
Saied Tadayon: The purpose of this report was to document data sources and methods used by each of the water science centers, to estimate crop acreages and water withdrawals. 
Dylan Cobean: To have a comprehensive summary for how every state gathered their water use information for the 2000 2005 compilations. 
Brandon Forbes: So we were asked to write the report so we could document the methods and sources that everyone used to compile their irrigation data for each state. 
Jade Dickens: My biggest section was probably the state summaries. We called each water use specialist in all the states and got information on how they collected their data in 200, 2005. And I wrote up a summary for each state on the methods they used, the sources they used, so that people can look at each other, because a big thing they wanted to do was to be able to work within states. So now somebody in Wisconsin can how somebody in Michigan did their water use estimate. 
Brandon Forbes: I wrote about the indirect irrigation withdrawal estimation method, which is just a way indirectly to estimate how much water was used by crops using available data. 
Jade Dickens: You know in school you learn these things, but you donít really get a chance to apply them in the professional field. This project really allowed us to understand that the writing that we did in school that might not have been the most fun thing in the world to do, we now got to do it and we got to write a huge report that was just so exciting to be a part of.