Navy Base Commander Commends USGS Work Following Earthquake Sequence

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US Navy Captain Paul Dale discusses the collaborative efforts between the USGS and Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake after the Ridgecrest earthquake sequence. 


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Location Taken: China Lake, CA, US

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U.S. Navy


I’d never has any interaction with the USGS before. The morning of the 5th, a team showed up. We’d just started our morning routine for the emergency operation center. Made some introductions. We talked about their desires And what their objectives were and we just then discussed how we could be of assistance in enabling their ability to perform their duties. And then give us an opportunity to receive from them aftershock prognosis. It’s been absolutely a wonderful relationship. Ken and his whole team, we had Steve out, from the director of the center. And we’ve worked exceptionally well together. They’ve been able to explain to us what their need are and we’ve been able to facilitate that in every way we've been able to do so.