Polar Bear Research, B-Roll 1

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Spring 2014. USGS scientists conduct a health evaluation of a young male polar bear in the Arctic as part of the annual southern Beaufort Sea population survey. The bear is sedated for approximately an hour while the team records a variety of measurements and collects key biological samples. The annual population survey has been conducted since the mid-1980's and helps gauge the overall health of the Polar Bear population.


Date Taken:

Length: 00:02:50

Location Taken: Barrow, AK, US



Chopper noise

Foot steps in snow

Todd Atwood-
Yeah, hey dude.

So, he’s going to be 21363?

Kristin Simac-

Todd Atwood-
His gate looked like a male.


So, this is a younger male.

Probably right on the cusp of being an adult.

And, we gave him 7 CC’s which is the standard
dosage for a bear of this size.

And it
took him about fifteen minutes to go down.

Kristin Simac-
Nice long fur in between the toe pads helps

with warmth and
friction I think, traction.

Look at those beautiful claws.

Camera Guy-
Can you pull his gum open?

Kristin Simac-
He’s got some pretty decent teeth still.


Todd Atwood-
Nice work.