Post-fire Flash Flood in Coronado National Memorial, Arizona

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Detailed Description

Video footage begins with dry streambed, and within the first 10 seconds a very dark, roiling, flow comes downstream toward the viewer. The rest of the video is footage of the flow going past, and into a culvert under a bridge. The video was recorded at the U.S. Geological Survey streamgage site near the Coronado National Memorial visitor center, in southern Arizona. The flow event was the result of rain higher up in the basin, which includes the Montezuma Pass overlook area. The video includes the sound of rushing water as the flow event sweeps downstream.


Date Taken:

Length: 02:29:00

Location Taken: AZ, US


 “Right up there below the blue tarp is Fletcher,

and he’s right above where the gage is going to go.”

“The water level is still rising.

You can hear the boulders on the bed.”

“I can feel the boulders rolling.”

“High flow, high velocity, lots of energy.

It’s not raining here, but it’s still raining up high.”