PubTalk 12/2004 — Probing Volcanoes

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Advances in Understanding and Coping with their Hazards

by Robert L. Christiansen and Robert I. Tilling, Volcanologists

  • The development of plate tectonic theory in the 1960s shed new light on the origins of volcanoes
  • Mount St. Helens' spectacular 1980 eruption stimulated much productive new research
  • Frequent eruptive activity in Hawaii provides a natural laboratory for understanding active volcanoes
  • Deciphering "lifestyles" of volcanoes helps to assess their hazards and mitigate risks
  • A unique USGS volcano "SWAT" team deals with volcano crises around the world
  • What might the future bring--in volcanic eruptions and in our understanding of them?


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Length: 01:38:27

Location Taken: Menlo Park, CA, US


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