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PubTalk 5/2003 — The National Map—Coming to Your Neighborhood!

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Detailed Description

Integrating and Sharing Geographic Information in the Public Domain

By Ken Osborn, Cartographer 


  • Begun by the USGS in 2001, The National Map is a 10-year vision for a seamless, constantly updated, national geospatial database
  • This vast public database will be continually updated through local partnerships, selectively printable, and available on the Internet and at neighborhood kiosks
  • Implementation projects --such as the Lake Tahoe and Sacramento areas--demonstrate the benefi ts of integrating high-resolution local datasets
  • With the current focus on homeland security, datasets for 10 U.S. urban areas are scheduled for completion this year, at a resolution of 0.3 meter (1 foot)
  • Because many printed maps are more than 20 years old, The National Map will be of great value for multiple uses, including planning, disaster response, and recreation




Public Domain.