PubTalk 5/2012 — Restoring the Wild Heart of South San Francisco Bay

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Detailed Description

--The South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project

By Laura Valoppi, Lead Scientist


  • This is largest Western U.S. coastal wetlands restoration project, encompassing 15,100 acres of former salt ponds around the edge of South San Francisco Bay
  • The project will restore and enhance South Bay wetlands for endangered species and migratory birds while providing flood management and wildlife oriented public access and recreation
  • USGS multidisciplinary science is guiding the restoration effort, providing an integral part of the adaptive management process being used to restore this area over the next 50 years
  • Scientists are conducting studies in avian and invertebrate biology, water quality, hydrology, geomorphology, and chemistry to better understand the wetland ecosystem


Date Taken:

Length: 01:30:40

Location Taken: Menlo Park, CA, US


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