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PubTalk 7/2002 — Beyond the Golden Gate

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Oceanography, Geology, Biology, and Environmental Issues In The Gulf of the Farallones

by Herman A. Karl, Marine Geologist, and Edward Ueber, Director, Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary


  • Learn about the complex marine geology offshore from the San Francisco Bay region
  • Hear the story of the 47,000 barrels of radioactive waste that were dumped near the Farallon Islands.and how they were found
  • Has the highly radioactive aircraft carrier USS Independence, scuttled somewhere in the Gulf in 1951, been located?
  • The Marine Sanctuaries are facing the challenges of protecting complex and diverse marine ecosystems adjacent to densely populated metropolitan areas
  • Why is the Gulf of the Farallones a favorite habitat for great white sharks?





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