PubTalk — Tsunamis

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Lessons and Questions from the Indian Ocean Disaster

By Eric L. Geist, geophysicist, Bruce E. Jaffe, oceanographer, and Brian F. Atwater, geologist

  • What do computer animations reveal about transoceanic tsunamis?
  • What varied marks of its force and height did the December 26 tsunami leave in the coa stal environment?
  • Why did waves 100 feet high strike norhtern Sumatra in December, while low-lying Bangl adesh was spared?
  • Can a Sumatra-size tsunami occur on the U.S. Pacific coast?
  • What is the tsunami threat to central California, and how is this region getting prepa red?


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Length: 02:00:27

Location Taken: Menlo Park, CA, US


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