“Science is amazing”: GeoGirls explore Mount St. Helens

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During Aug. 4-8, 2019, U.S. Geological Survey women scientists, university researchers and Mount St. Helens Institute staff led 25 middle-school girls from Washington and Oregon in the fifth annual “GeoGirls” outdoor volcano science program at Mount St. Helens, Washington.


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Location Taken: Mount St. Helens, WA, US


I would say to definitely give it a shot, because it’s always worth going outside your comfort zone even if it’s not for you.  Like your gonna grow from it and meet like amazing people.

You can learn if you do love this and you want to have a career in it or if you don’t want to do it  and you want to have and explore other things.

I’ve seen different scientists and it’s amazing to see them talk about something that they love so deeply and it makes me want to be just like them.

Remember that even if you’re not going into geology this is a foundation of science that you need in your life and it’s probably the most interesting one you’ll come across.

The teachers are really nice, the people are really nice and it’s amazing.