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Shock Waves: 100 Years After the 1906 Earthquake

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Detailed Description

Shock Waves is an Emmy Award nominated USGS television program that aired on San Francisco's CBS-5 in April, 2006 during the week of the 100 year anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake. The program is hosted by Dana King and was produced and directed by Stephen M. Wessells. It traces the century of scientific and engineering progress since the great quake. Historical recreations, hundred-year-old film footage, and stunning still photographs convey the extent of the destruction and the human and scientific response to the catastrophe. The program features 3D animations, cutting edge research and expert interviews with some of the world's premiere seismologists and engineers. The Bay area is presented as a showcase for earthquake preparedness. Note: Engineering animations are owned by SEONC and Forell/Elsesser Engineers and U.C San Diego. Japanese quake video from convenience store security cameras and TV studio security cameras is owned by NHK, Japan. Classroom earthquake happening shot is owned by the University of California. 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake video shots are owned by KPIX CBS-5, San Francisco. Any use of these materials requires written permission from the respective owners of this material listed here.




Public Domain.