Tribal Canoe Journey for Troubled Sea: San Juan Islands

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Short video clips and commentary as the Coast Salish Tribal Nation paddle through the San Juan Islands.


Date Taken:

Length: 02:16:00

Location Taken: WA, US


The children are getting to
know their environment.

They have appreciation for it.

They look for the animals.

In fact, along the way, they're
singing and playing games

like "I spy" a certain animal and
all the kids on the canoe end

up. Looking for the same animal
that the one called out, it'll

be interesting.

Going to see how this
information can be used by

those folks and the children
especially to engage them in in

better understanding some of
the water quality issues and

their environmental problems
for the future and hopefully

they'll be able to use it to
develop better management

practices. We hope to help

I think the kids just being
here to be able to witness

seeing the probes and hopefully
when we get back to be able to

show them exactly what they
were able to do in to explain

to them in layman's terms, what
this means with that means as

is going to be cool and to let
them know that they were the

genesis of this.

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