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The USGS Earthquake Event Page – Natural Hazards Mission Area

Video Transcript
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Detailed Description

The USGS Natural Hazards Mission Area develops and applies hazard science to help promote the safety, security, and economic well-being of the Nation. The Earthquake Event Page consolidates USGS earthquake data on recent or historic earthquakes. This video is an overview of the Earthquake data the USGS produces and provides insight on how the Earthquake Event Page can help you navigate through an emergency response.

The topics are as follows. Click the times to jump to the selected section.

  1. Introduction to USGS Earthquake Response
  1. The Event Page - 02:05
  1. "Did you feel it" - 02:30
  1. ShakeMap - 03:02
  1. PAGER - 03:36
  1. Ground Failure - 05:20
  1. Interactive Map - 06:12
  1. Aftershocks Forecast - 06:48
  1. Advanced Users - 07:31

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