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USGS End of Year Accomplishments 2020

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A 2020 year in review of the many accomplishments of the US Geological Survey. A year that began with seismic activity in Southwest Puerto Rico, to the first-ever public testing of USGS ShakeAlerts, USGS scientists and technicians helped to track storm data during the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season. Mapping in high resolution the Nation's rivers and streams, to precise maps of the Red Planet. Improved eDNA sample collection for early detection of invasive species, strategies to identify factors that may facilitate the transmission of the infectious chronic wasting disease. Energy assessments from the Marcellus Shale and Point Pleasant-Utica Shale formations of the Appalachian Basin to Alaska's Central North Slope. In 2020, a bold vision for how the USGS will plan, conduct, and deliver science was developed. EarthMap will deliver actionable intelligence to our partners to manage the Nation's natural resources, save lives and property, and promote economic prosperity.




Drone footage used with permission.