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Working at the USGS can be fun. These student employees were given wonderful opportunities and made lasting friendships while working at the USGS.


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Length: 03:33:00

Location Taken: Tucson, AZ, US


Dylan: Welcome to the USGS. 
[upbeat music]
Dylan: My name is Dylan Cobean, and I work for the USGS in the water science center. A lot of the 
project s deal with agricultural water withdrawals and finding methods to improve the estimates for our 
state of Arizona and other states nationwide. 
Jade: Iím Jade Dickens.
Brandon: Iím Brandon Forbes. 
Dylan: I started working here in March 2010, just found a flyer in the undergrad hydrology lab, and was 
hired nearly on the spot. 
Brandon: Iíve been around for a little over three years.  Jade a yearÖ
Jade: I started here in January 2010, so about a year and a half.
Brandon: I was begging for money and a job!
Dylan: Iím a senior at the U of A, studying for a dual major in applied mathematics and environmental 
hydrology.  I initially started out at the U as an astronomy-physics major, but half way through my junior 
year I decide I wanted to switch to something that is much more applied,  and got me dealing with the 
environment a lot more, the USGS was always been kinda at the crossroads of what Iím interested in 
and what Iím good at. I mean Iíve always been interested in how the environment plays a role in human 
society and just finding out, learning about the science behind that has always drawn me to, ya know,  a 
job like the USGS. 
Brandon: My favorite thing about working at the Arizona Water Center in Tucson is not only to we have 
a really... a lot of cool issues that we do research about in Arizona and Arizona Water, but  we have a 
really fun team and have a really good time at work.  Aww thatís cheesy, but it is true, that is what is fun 
here, the people. [laughs]
Jade: I feel so much better now that I can say, under publication ya know that the four of us worked on 
this report that is being published by the U.S Geological Survey who is huge when it comes to scientific 
reports about the earth.  And so yeahÖ I canít wait to have a job interview where I can be like yeah, I 
wrote this report. I helped write this report,  ya know and likeÖIt reallyÖitÖ the confidence that I have, 
even in just regular writing now has gone up too; I feel like I understand how to make a sentence better 
or how to ya know express my thought moreÖ in a more clear way. 
Dylan: Water is the most important natural resource that we have and being able to learn exactly how 
much there is, the quality. Itís so necessary for our future. Thereís so many opportunities at the USGS 
for upcoming students. You gain so much valuable experience being in an office actually learning about 
the day to day hydrology that you could be doing for the rest of your life.