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USGS Groundwater Monitoring Well Redevelopment Using Air Lift Method

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This video documents a U.S. Geological Survey technical procedure for groundwater well redevelopment using the air lift method. Over time, groundwater wells may become partially or even fully blocked by accumulation of materials at the well screen or openings. This blockage is typically the result of sediment, chemical, or biological accumulation of materials which may restrict the connectivity between a well and an aquifer. If left unresolved, the water data collected from the affected well might not be representative of the aquifer, and the data will be biased or even erroneous. When blockage of a well screen or opening occurs, there are multiple well redevelopment methods hydrologists can use to remove the blockage. The redevelopment method selected depends, in part, on the well construction and on the use of the well. For example, the air-lift method may change the water-quality characteristics of the water in a well and may not be appropriate in some cases. This training video for USGS hydrologists and hydrologic technicians documents a USGS procedure for using the air lift method to redevelop a USGS groundwater well. This USGS video was released in 2016 and is in the public domain.​




Public Domain.