USGS Status Update of Kīlauea Volcano - June 6, 2018

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USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, Status of Kīlauea Volcano, 9:30am HST, June 6, 2018, Jessica Ball, USGS Volcanologist


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Location Taken: Kīlauea Volcano, HI, US


Good morning everyone, this is the HVO video update for June 6. In the Lower East Rift Zone, activity continues largely as it has since yesterday. Fissure 8 is still fountaining up to 180 feet in height and feeing an active lava flow channel. The margins for that channel are largely stable, and there have been no reported outbreaks since yesterday.

The flow front from the fissure 8 lava flow has now completely filled Kapoho Bay and created a delta about 0.8 miles from the former coastline. We have reports now that only small portions of Kapoho Beach Lots remain, and a northern lobe is slowly advancing into the area. A southern lobe of that flow has now completely covered the Vacationlands subdivision.

There is now a flow that has channelized south of the new delta and is producing a robust laze plume, or lava haze. We remind you that lava haze contains hydrochloric acid and glass fragments and should be avoided.

At the summit, small explosions continue accompanied by frequent rockfalls and continued subsidence. Yesterday, an overflight showed a great deal of slumping into the Halema’uma’u crater from the rim and walls of the crater, so that continues to enlarge and we expect continued explosions and heightened seismicity and gas emissions from the summit crater.

Thank you.