USGS Status Update of Kīlauea Volcano - May 18, 2018

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USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory status of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii on May 18, 2018.


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Length: 00:00:57

Location Taken: Kīlauea Volcano, HI, US


The earthquakes at the summit have died off since the explosions that occurred on May 16th and 17th and we do have some new radar imagery that’s showing us that the overlook crater significantly enlarged after the last explosions, the last two explosions and also there is a down drop of the crater wall of Halemaʻumaʻu on the southeast side and in the lower east rift zone there are two new fissures that have opened up, fissures 21 and 22 and there are some lava flows issuing from them and also there are still very loud sounds and very loud booming sounds and some lava still erupting from fissure 17. 

That’s the update for today.