USGS Streamgaging — Keeping the pulse on the Nation’s streams

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What is water up to? Keeping the pulse on the Nation’s streams - USGS Streamgaging and the Groundwater and Streamflow Information Program.


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Drought, floods, and ever-changing weather conditions threaten many of our Nation’s water supplies.

Fortunately, the USGS has been continuously monitoring this vital resource for more than 125 years.

USGS streamgages tell us how fast water moves and how high it rises, providing information that can be the difference between life and death for people who live in flood-prone areas.

Federal agencies, like the National Weather Service, Army Corps of Engineers, and FEMA, as well as state and local organizations, rely on this information to protect lives and livelihoods.

This accurate collection of knowledge over decades allows the USGS to bring the experience of its national staff to maintain a robust streamgage network.   This information is used to create solutions that positively affects our Nation’s economy, recreation, public safety and health.

From keeping our water supplies safe to battling major floods, USGS streamgages are the backbone of our Nation’s water infrastructure.