USGS Supports Broward Water Matters Day 2017

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Caribbean-Florida Water Science Center, Davie Office, supported Broward County Watter Matters Day on March 11, 2017 as part of an outreach event to the public.


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Length: 00:02:23

Location Taken: Davie, FL, US

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Dorothy Sifuentes, Scott Prinos


A few feet down is the water table, underneath the water table, all the holes in the rock and between all the grains is water.

I’m Dorothy Sifuentes, I work for the USGS at the Caribbean Florida Water Science Center

and today we are here at Broward Water Matters Day

we are teaching the public about the work that we do at the water science center.

Some of our Staff are here explaining to students of all ages as well as to their parents and other community members

about the groundwater, our water supply, what we do with wastewater and things they need to be concerned about for water issues.

And this right here we can look at the level on the tape and make sure the recorder is set to read the same thing.

Hi I’m Scott Prinos with the US Geological Survey, I’m a Hydrologist,

we are collecting data in this community in order to monitor the water levels, the flows in the canals,

the salinity in the aquifers and that is important because saltwater intrusion is a concern for Broward County.

A lot of kids from various schools are out they are asked to come out to the booth and ask questions

and learn things about water and we will stamp their sheets that they then take back to their classes for extra credit.

Hi my name is Mike Zygnerski, I’m with Broward County Environmental Planning and Community Resilience.

Were here doing Water Matters Day, this is our signature public outreach event for the county and really the event is just about getting the word out about how you can save the environment, how to conserve and how to save yourself some money doing it. And this is the 15th year of the event and its going strong, we usually have about 4,000 people and we hope to be doing it for many years to come.