Walruses at Point Lay

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During the course of our research on walruses hauled out near Point Lay in
early September, USGS obtained aerial video footage of the
walrus aggregation.  This footage was taken from an altitude of 4,000' with
a Cineflex camera by Daniel Zatz, of Zatzworks, on contract to USGS for
this work.  We are exploring the potential of this type of video for
enumerating the numbers of walruses hauled out, as well as the sex and age
composition of the herds. This first effort was a pilot to test
methodology.  Recognizing the broad public interest in seeing what is going
on at Point Lay right now, we have arranged to make the video publicly
available. Please distribute as you see fit.


Date Taken:

Length: 02:06:00

Location Taken: AK, US


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