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What's Drifting Beneath Kauai's Ocean?

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Residents and visitors both revel in Kauai’s lush landscape, and beneath its seascape. However, it’s underwater where things don’t look so healthy. Scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey put together a detailed picture of the physical environment of the coral reefs at Makua Beach. Understanding just what these reefs are exposed to and for how long, may help explain why some corals here have succumbed to black band disease. Footage from

Used with permission:

All CC license 3.0Lihue aerial, Landing strip, and Makeweli aerial by Christopher Becker (Polihale); Golf course drone footage, Max Seigal (; Other drone footage, Christophe Tauziet

Music by Blue Dot Sessions (The Zeppelin, Steadfast, Balti), CC BY-NC 4.0




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