Ecosystems Mission Area

Land Management Research Program

Our focus is ecosystems, the biological communities of interacting organisms and their physical environment.  Much of our research is about how to restore and manage ecosystems while maximizing their ability to support biodiversity and services (e.g. coastal protection, water availability, pollination, erosion control etc) and preparing for anticipated climate change impacts. 

Large-Scale Restoration Science

Large-Scale Restoration Science

These projects are restoring critical ecosystems and their biological communities, including threatened and endangered species, revitalizing local economies, and improving the quality and safety of life.


Wildland Fire Research

Wildland Fire Research

Wildfires are a natural process in most regions of the U.S. They serve a vital role in nature but can also be unusually intense, widespread, or frequent. As a result, response and recovery costs are increasing.


Environments Research

USGS scientists conduct research to inform the management and conservation of ecosystems across the US. Explore our science using the links below.

The Arctic


Great Lakes

Mangrove Science Network

Outer Continental Shelf

Sage-grouse and Sagebrush Ecosystem

Status and Trends

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This work requires a broad set of capabilities such as identifying stressors, predicting future conditions, developing and evaluating management alternatives, making difficult trade-offs, and predicting fish and wildlife habitat use.  Managing natural resources on behalf of the public usually impacts multiple stakeholders in different ways, so we work with partners to use decision analysis as an approach to structure their decisions and navigate difficult choices in a transparent way.


Zachary H Bowen, Ph.D.

Landscape Program Coordinator
Phone: 970-226-9218

Lianne Ball, Ph.D.

Environments Program Manager
Phone: 703-648-4028

Lief Wiechman

Sagebrush Ecosystem Specialist
Ecosystems Mission Area
Phone: 970-237-2764

Paul Steblein

Wildland Fire Science Coordinator
Phone: 703-648-6895

Claudia Mengelt, PhD

Land Management Program Manager
Ecosystems Mission Area
Phone: 571-329-6661