Natural Hazards Photo Round-up

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Featured photos from across the Natural Hazards Mission Area within the past 3 months.

LiDAR image

Profile of lidar returns along a sloped forested area in Grand County, CO. (Credit: EROS Fire Science Team, Earth Resources Observation and Science Center. Public domain.)


image related to volcanoes. See description

HVO seismologist Jefferson Chang photographing agglutinate development on the fissure 8 cone from a viewpoint in Leilani Estates. (Public domain.)

Photo of flowing glacier

Annotated photo showing landslide areas of Barry Arm Fjord, Alaska. Subaerial landslides at the head of Barry Arm Fjord in southern Alaska could generate tsunamis (if they rapidly failed into the Fjord) and are therefore a potential threat to people, marine interests, and infrastructure throughout the Prince William Sound region. (Public domain.)

Photos before and after Hurricane Sandy opened a breach on Fire Island

USGS researchers have been monitoring changes in a breach in the island that occurred during Hurricane Sandy (modified from  Hapke et al., 2017). (Public domain.)

metal cylinder on metal wench

The Trillium T-360 seismometer on a winch at IRIS/USGS station COLA (College, Alaska). (Credit: Kyle Persefield and Kenneth Oliver, USGS. Public domain.)

green and pink lights in the night sky with pine trees in foreground

Photo of an aurora in central Alaska taken at 09:11 UTC on February 2, 2019 by Aaron Lojewski near Poker Flat (Credit: Aaron Lojewski. used with permission from Aaron Lojewski and Carl Tape)

Alex Hatem and Monte Cristo rupture recon

Alex Hatem is mapping the May 15 2020 M6.5 Monte Cristo rupture (Nevada) (Camille Collett, USGS)