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Project Highlights

National Digital Trails (NDT) project highlights  

Project Highlights
Vector image of a hiking trail in the nature. Public domain image obtained from here:

Hello! Welcome to the National Digital Trails Summer 2023 Newsletter.  The summer has been hot…both in terms of the weather and the USGS trails project! We have acquired new trail data from Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and New York State Parks. Nevada data has been integrated into the USGS Nationwide Dataset adding 35 miles of trails. New York State Parks data is under review. Trail Data Portal development is underway with successful completion of internal user testing this summer. 

The National Digital Trails team took part in the Esri User Conference in July. We hosted an “All About Trails” meeting that included short talks on OpenStreetMap US’s Trails Stewardship Initiative, how the MAPLand Act may affect trails and related data, and a USGS National Digital Trails project update. It is always a great experience to meet and talk to others working to improve trails across the US.