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Upcoming Training and Presentations - Fall 2023

Learn about upcoming training opportunities and what we are doing next!

Training NDT2
The image above shows an example of what a project might look like. There are a series of existing trails shown by black dashed lines on a topographic basemap. Protected Lands of the US are highlighted by color. Within the Area of Interest, denoted by a red polygon, proposed connector routes have been generated between existing trails and are ranked according to terrain constraint by color: red, yellow, and green. 


TRAILS Planning Support Application Virtual Hands-on Workshops

What: USGS offers monthly virtual hands-on workshops for users to gain experience working with the TRAILS planning support tool. We can also schedule on-demand workshops for a group from a single organization or a team working on planning projects. To schedule a workshop, please email

Please pass along this information to anyone who may be interested in attending.

When: 2nd Wednesday of every month at 11am MT. 

Upcoming workshop dates: 12/13/2023, 01/10/2024, and 02/14/2024.

Who: As resources allow, the target audience includes anyone involved in the initial planning of new trails or improvements to existing trail routes or systems that would eventually be available in the public domain. Typically, participants work either directly for government land management agencies or partner with government land management agencies. Occupations may include landscape architects, land management planners, trail designers/builders, and wildland fire and other emergency services experts.   

Workshop participants will be granted free limited time access (90 days) to the TRAILS planning support tool during which they may utilize the tool and provide feedback. Requests for extended access will be considered based on individual use-cases and as resources allow. 

Sign-Up: Space is limited, so email to sign up. Please provide your name, affiliation, contact information, and a short description on what you hope to learn or how you hope to apply knowledge gained from this workshop.  


Upcoming Presentations

USGS National Digital Trails team is planning to travel to ESRI Federal User Conference in February 2024 and National Outdoor Recreational Conference in May 2024. Reach out if you will be there or come by to say hello!