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USGS Trails Explorer

Learn more about USGS Trails Explorer. 

Trails Explorer
The image shows a screenshot of the Trails Explorer application. USGS Trail dataset is displayed in red color with USGS Topo map in the background.

USGS Trails Explorer is a web-based viewer designed specifically to view latest USGS trail data.  The trail data is displayed in red (terra trails), purple (snow trails) or blue (water trails) lines with National Trails shown with a thicker symbol. Currently USGS aggregates trail data from federal land management agencies, state agencies, and national scenic trail associations. Take a look at what we have! If you don’t see your agency’s data in the USGS Trails Explorer, please contact to let us know.  


If you find errors in USGS trail data in any of the National Map products, please visit USGS Trails Explorer to confirm the latest USGS trail data for the location in question. Often there is a delay between the trail data integration from a source into the nationwide trail dataset and the corresponding data making its way down to other USGS products. If you are finding the same error in the USGS Trails Explorer, please contact to let us know and to identify appropriate steps for the correction. 

USGS Trails Explorer is also a convenient way to quickly find the URL for the USGS trails feature service endpoint: 

  1. Click on the layers icon at the top right corner.  

  1. Then click on the three dots to the right of the USGS Aggregated Trails layer.  

  1. Finally, choose Description to open the service URL. 

Access to USGS Trail Service
The image shows steps necessary to complete to find USGS Trails Service. One is to open layers. Two is to open info about the Trails layer. Three is to open the description for the layer.