ANSS Products

Science Center Objects


  • Aftershock Forecasting
    The likelihood of aftershock activity over future time intervals of a day, a week, a month, and a year after a significant earthquake in the U.S.
  • Earthquake Catalog Data
    Online catalog search and downloadable information and technical details.
  • Earthquake Summary Posters
    Posters created quickly after a significant earthquake with images and text about the seismic background of the area.
  • Did You Feel It?
    Human reports of shaking. Report your earthquake experience and see the map of shaking reports.
  • Web Services and Feeds
    Real-time notifications and real-time feeds of earthquakes.

  • Earthquake Notification Service (ENS)
    Automated notifications of earthquakes through e-mail, pager, or cell phone. Rapid information and updates to first responders, and resources for media and local government.

  • Ground Failure
    Estimates of potential landslides and liquefaction from significant earthquakes.

  • Latest Earthquakes
    Automatic maps and event information are available within minutes oniline at the Earthquake Hazards Program website which displays earthquake locations nationwide.

  • PAGER/TwoPager
    Information on the impact of an earthquake using data about the shaking, the affected population, and the affected infrastructure.

  • ShakeAlert®-EarlyWarning
    The ShakeAlert® Earthquake Early Warning system for the West Coast of the United States detects significant earthquakes quickly so that alerts can be delivered to people and automated systems.

  • ShakeCast
    An application for automating ShakeMap delivery to critical users and for facilitating notification of shaking levels at user-selected facilities.

  • ShakeMap
    Instrumentally measured shaking intensity mapped in a certain region. Fast information on strong skaing in urban areas helps get emergency response to the right places.