Earthquake Data

Science Center Objects

Selected geophysical data for research.

Web Services

Web Services for real-time and catalog earthquakes, hazard maps, slabs, and more.


Specialized Earthquake Catalogs

Seismic Waveforms

Geodetic Data

Currently to make geodetic observations the USGS uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) and also other techniques. (creepmeters, tiltmeters, strainmeters, magnetometers, pore pressure monitors).

Earth Structure and Site Response

Ground Motion and Site Conditions

The data obtained from active source studies are archived at IRIS and/or at the National Geophysical Data Center. USGS also provides access to certain data sets.

Hazard Assessment Data and Models

Faults and Folds

Geologic and Seismic Models

Other Data Sources

Information and Data Outside of USGS

Non-USGS sites that host various geophysical, geodetic, and geologic data pertinent to earthquake studies: