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Abram Claycomb, Data Management: Software Developer

Geomagnetism Plots

Geomagnetism Plots

View realtime display of USGS geomagnetic observatory data feeds and derived products.

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Mailing Lists

geomag-data - Questions, discussion and annuncements for data products and access.

geomag-operations - Observatory-related announcements

geomag-research - Questions, discussion and announcements about research and outreach.

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Date published: May 5, 2020

Webservice for Geomagnetism Data

API information for accessing geomagnetism data.

Date published: May 5, 2020

Programmatic Access to Geomagnetism Data

geomag-algorithms python library.

Date published: July 25, 2018

Other Sources of Data

Non-USGS cooperators and partners, as well as others with geomagnetism data.

Date published: July 21, 2018

Declination of the Earth 1590–1990

Animations showing the changes in the Earth's magnetic field.

Date published: July 19, 2018

Disturbance Storm Time (Dst) Display

Dst data from USGS observatories as well as other world partners.

Date published: January 1, 2010

USGS Geomagnetism Program: Magnetic Disturbance Movies

Movie-maps of low-latitude horizontal-intensity magnetic disturbance are derived from magnetic vector time series data collected at multiple ground-based observatories. Using a technique similar to that used in the calculation of Dst, a quiet time baseline is subtracted from the time series from each observatory. The remaining disturbance time series are shown in a polar coordinate system that...