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USGS Geomagnetism Program Data, Inquiries and Specialized Data Requests:
Abram Claycomb, Data Management: Software Developer

North American electricity power-grid and communication-network anomalies for several magnetic storms

Anomaly lists are presented documenting operational interference to electricity power grids and communication networks in the United States and Canada during magnetic storms. Four of the anomaly lists apply for magnetic storms that occurred in March 1989, August 1972, March 1940, and for various storms 1946-2000; yet another list consists of statistical values summarizing geomagnetically induced c

2012 Geomagnetic Repeat Station Data

This data release consists of Magnetic Repeat Station data collected at three different sites in the central United States. One site is in Fremont, NE, the other two are in Hereford and Del Rio, TX. Repeat Stations are temporary magnetic installations, where the Earth's magnetic field, or geomagnetic field, is measured for several days, with the goal of producing mean values of the vector compon

Disturbance Storm Time (Dst) Display

Dst data from USGS observatories as well as other world partners.