Guam (GUA)

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The Guam observatory was established in 1957. The observatory is situated on property owned by the U.S. Air Force according to terms of an agreement with the USGS and the Geomagnetism Program. The facility is shared with the USGS Fort Collins Science Center (FORT) Brown Treesnake Project.

Department of Interior U.S.G.S Guam Magnetic Observatory sign

The Department of Interior U.S.G.S. Guam Magnetic Observatory sign.

(Public domain.)

Station Id: GUA

Location: Dededo, Guam

Latitude: 13.5895°N

Longitude: 144.8694°E

Geomagnetic Latitude: 5.76°N*

Geomagnetic Longitude: 216.50°E*

Elevation: 140 meters

Orientation: HDZF

* IGRF values as of 2015.



Guam magnetic observatory, image of the area

Guam magnetic observatory.

(Credit: Jeff Fox. Public domain.)

Variations building at Guam.

Variations building at Guam. 

(Credit: Jeff Fox. Public domain.)