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Field-trip guide for Lassen Volcanic Center published

November 16, 2015

USGS geologists Patrick Muffler and Michael Clynne published a new geologic field-trip guide for areas in and around Lassen Volcanic National Park in northern California.

Geologic field-trip guide to Lassen Volcanic National Park and vici...
Geologic field-trip guide to Lassen Volcanic National Park and vicinity, California

The guide begins with a comprehensive overview of the geologic framework and the stratigraphic terminology of the Lassen region, based primarily on the "Geologic map of Lassen Volcanic National Park and vicinity". The geologic overview is followed by detailed road logs describing the volcanic features that can easily be seen in the park and its periphery. Twenty-one designated stops provide detailed explanations of important volcanic features. The guide also includes mileage logs along the highways leading into the park from the major nearby communities. The field-trip guide is intended to be a flexible document that can be adapted to the needs of a visitor approaching the park from any direction. Try it out on your next vacation! 

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