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Friday's Findings - June 25 2021

June 21, 2021

The Role of Drought in Aquatic Systems: Population and Community Dynamics

Date:  June 25, 2021 from 2-2:30 p.m. eastern time

Speaker: Daniel Magoulick, Fish Biologist, Arkansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Assistant Unit Leader

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Call in: 202-640-1187

Phone Conference ID: 896 037 835#

A picture of low water levels of the American River
Low water levels can be seen on the American River from Watt Ave. in Sacramento on January 16, 2014. From California Department of Water Resources archive. (Public domain.)

Background: Drought is a natural disturbance of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in many regions worldwide and can be a major factor in structuring aquatic communities. Drought frequency and intensity is expected to increase due to climate change and can also be exacerbated by water withdrawals and other human impacts.  Individuals through ecosystems can be impacted by drought disturbance, but I will focus on population and community dynamics.  I will discuss hydrology and drought, the potential role of climate change, fish refuge use and population dynamics in drying streams, the influence of flow regime and drought on fish assemblage structure and stability, and modeling effects of climate change and drought on fish and crayfish species persistence.