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Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park Civic Engagement report available

October 2, 2020

A news release published by Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park on September 30, 2020, announces a report summarizing initial public input about the disaster recovery project to repair and/or replace critical infrastructure in the park, and U.S. Geological Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory facilities and equipment damaged during the 2018 eruption and summit collapse of Kīlauea Volcano.

As the news release states, "The comments received are being considered and used for refining a design concept and developing the National Park Service and USGS’s proposed action.

Once the proposed action is developed, the NPS and USGS will seek additional community input through public scoping prior to the environmental analysis process, tentatively planned for early 2021."

Read the full Hawai‘i Volcano National Park news release here. The Civic Engagement Comment Summary Report is available for download here.

image related to volcanoes. See description
Then and now. It has proven difficult to exactly match past and present views of Kīlauea'S summit to show the dramatic changes in the volcanic landscape, but here's our latest attempt. At left is a photo taken on November 28, 2008, with a distinct gas plume rising from the vent that had opened within Halema‘uma‘u about eight months earlier. At right is a photo taken on August 1, 2018, to approximate the 2008 view for comparison.