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Mapping Challenge Update (09/09/21): Schools with No Edit History in Colorado

September 9, 2021

This challenge is coming along great! Volunteers edited over 120 points in the last week - AWESOME!  

This challenge is also close to finishing its first phase and will soon transition into the second. The first phase focuses on points with no edit history. Once all the points have been reverified, the second phase will consist of moving the points through our standard editing tiers again. But no need to limit yourself to each phase; i.e., if you see a green point that needs to be reviewed, feel free to do so.

Most of the schools with no edit history have either a purple or yellow border in the web app. These points are gray on the map  below.

The original post from July 28, 2021 has additional tips and tricks. 

A before-and-after image showing the change in edits between 8/30/21 and 9/09/21. Volunteers edited over 120 points during this timeframe (public domain).