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March - May Highlights

June 3, 2021

National Digital Trails (NDT) Project highlights for March – May, 2021


  • Development on Trails Data Portal has begun! The Trail Portal will stream line the trail data aggregation process which is especially important when working with our state partners.  

  • Trails from the following states were added: North CarolinaVermontWisconsin

  • We held six TRAILS (trail planning tool) workshops between March and May. Slots are available for June and July. Scroll down for more information or email  

  • The NDT team presented at the Alaska Trails Conference in April and the USGS Community for Data Integration Workshop in May. 

  • Related highlight: Based on the FGDC Federal Trail Data Standard, the Federal Trail GIS Schema was released for public review in March. Comments are currently under review by the multi-agency team. The adoption of a common data schema promotes better data sharing and interoperability. Although the Trail Data Standard and the GIS Schema were developed primarily for Federal agencies, they may be useful for states, trail organizations, and others developing GIS trail data.