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News About SBSC Paper That Reports on a Novel Approach to Assess Vegetation Recovery After Oil and Gas Well Pad Abandonment (DART Project)

Several news sources have reported on a recently published paper by Travis Nauman and Mike Duniway titled, “Disturbance automated reference toolset (DART): assessing patterns in ecological recovery from energy development on the Colorado Plateau”.  

The paper by Travis Nauman and Mike Duniway describes a novel method to assess the recovery of vegetation cover on abandoned and plugged oil and gas well pads in the Southwest, and quantifies patterns in the degree of vegetation recovery on abandoned well pads compared to intact, reference sites. The link to the Nauman and Duniway paper is here:

Below are the links to the news reports on the DART paper.

E&E News: “USGS eyes stronger reclamation practices in Southwest”:

World Oil: “New scientific approach assesses land recovery following oil and gas drilling”:

Science Newsline Nature and Earth: “New Scientific Approach Assesses Land Recovery Following Oil And Gas Drilling”:

Science Daily: “New scientific approach assesses land recovery following oil and gas drilling":


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