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NGGDPP Webinar for State Geological Surveys - Slides Available

NGGDPP webinar for state geological surveys participating in grant opportunity.

Large euhedral shape (brown) in a fine-grained matrix of rectangles
Photomicrograph of sample 09RDWES301 - an andesite collected during the Redoubt 2009 eruption. (Credit: Cheryl Cameron. Public domain.)

2019 NGGDPP Grant Opportunity Webinar

In preparation for the release of the 2019 NGGDPP Announcement, a webinar was conducted on December 19, 2018, focusing on writing effective proposals and planning preservation projects. The 2019 Data Rescue and Preservation Workshop, scheduled September 24-26, 2019, and new opportunities included in the 2019 Program Announcement was discussed.