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NHDPlus High Resolution and WBD Status June 2020 Updates

September 15, 2020

NHDPlus HR Beta Production Status 

NHDPlus HR Beta Production Status 

Contact: Karen Adkins, Laurel Casey  (no staff profile?)

NHDPlusHRStatus 9-9-2020
NHDPlusHRStatus 9-9-2020

The map below provides an overview of NHDPlus HR availability. This status map is updated frequently on the NHDPlus HR webpage. Please contact the National NHD Point of Contact (Joel Skalet, or National WBD Point of Contact (Lily Niknami, for more information on the status of NHD and WBD editing. 


  • Red outline - These areas are currently closed to NHD and WBD editing. 

  • Blue areas - NHDPlus HR Beta is currently available and Beta QC is either in process or completed for these areas. Please see the NHDPlus HR Beta QC section of the NHDPlus HR webpage

  • Yellow areas - The NHDPlus HR Beta is in production and the USGS is currently seeking volunteers for the upcoming Beta QC for these areas. Please see the NHDPlus HR Beta QC section of the NHDPlus HR webpage for more information.  

  • Gray areas - NHDPlus HR Beta will be produced at a later date. These areas are currently open for NHD and WBD editing. 

  • Green areas - The NHDPlus HR Beta was produced using contributing areas in Mexico to improve the NHDPlus HR Beta along the Rio Grande River. Minimal hydrography was included in the Beta build but will be improved when the areas are refreshed. The NHDPlus HR Beta production data with minimal hydrography content is available upon request. 


WBD 4-digit Improvement Status 

Contact: Kimberly Jones, Lily Niknami 


WBD 4-digit Improvement - Work Completed 

  • Regions - 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21 and 22  

  • Mexico contributing 4-digit hydrologic units in Region 13  

  • Region 19 – 19020101, 19020103, 19020104, 19020202, 19020301, 19020302, 19020401, 19020402, 19020501, 19020502, 19020503, 19020504, 19020505, 19020601, and 19020602, 19020800 


WBD 4-digit Improvement - Currently in Work 

  • Region 19 (19020102, 19060102, 19080301, 19070402) 

WBD 4-digit Improvement - Future Work 

  • Region 19 (not listed above) 


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