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Birds of the World is a scientific resource that synthesizes information into species accounts for every avian species throughout the world. 

 On September 17, the species account for the golden eagle was released online. Authors from the USGS, Conservation Science Global, National Park Service, and other private entities contributed new content to this full revision of the page on golden eagles. The book-length entry synthesizes comprehensive information on golden eagle characteristics such as its appearance, diet, and vocal behavior, as well as information on its demography, movements, distribution, and more. This is the second version of this species account. The first was led by USGS authors and published in the now discontinued “Birds of North America” series. In addition to complete revisions of existing sections, new material in this version includes information on research in response to increased concern about the growth of renewable energy and the demonstrated and potential effects of wind turbines on eagles and other raptors. 

Katzner, T.E., Kochert, M.N., Steenhof, K., McIntyre, C.L., Craig, E.H., Miller, T.A., 2020, Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), version 2.0: Ithaca, NY, Cornell Lab or Ornithology, 

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