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Photo and Video Chronology - Kīlauea - August 28, 2003

August 28, 2003

Mostly a tumulus Thursday


photo of lave
Small tumulus along western edge of Kohola on coastal flat. Tumulus is actively forming and feeding lava onto surface from cracks in crust. Tumulus is both growing higher and disgorging excess lava onto surface. Height of tumulus, about 2.5 meters.
photo of lave
Two breakouts from mall tumulus along western edge of Kohola on coastal flat
photo of lave
Toe of lava from tumulus shown above, about 1 meter long and oozing along crease between earlier toes. Note flakes of crust on surface of toe, picked up from underlying crust.
photo of lave
Breakout from tumulus above, showing flakes of crust on underlying surface (along edge of lower toe) in process of being stuck to lava and uplifted as toe inflates. Note flakes of crust already on breakout, lifted from underlying surface as lava passed over it. Toe nearest camera is 40 centimeters s wide.

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