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Photo and Video Chronology - Kīlauea - January 11, 2002

January 11, 2002
A week's growth at the Kamoamoa bench and at a hornito


photo of lava
Aerial views looking east across Kamoamoa bench showing one week's worth of growth. This photo taken January 4.
photo of lava
Photo taken January 11. Note how surface flows (shiny) covered the western part of the bench and extended it outward across the black sand beach. The flows also moved westward along the base of the old sea cliff, and another near the tip of the bench turned east. The right view shows how the bench consists of two steps, the lower, outer one representing growth beyond an earlier front of the bench. Cracks cut the new part of the bench, making it especially unstable. White spots just inland of bench are park signs warning visitors to get no closer.
photo of lava
Sulfur-stained hornito at 2300-foot elevation along main tube from Pu`u `O`o, shown in the distance. A hornito is a steep-sided mound of spatter above a rootless vent, in this case a former skylight in a lava tube.
photo of lava
January 11. The new hornito is built on top of the older two; it is made of dark spatter not yet stained yellow by sulfurous fume. Geologist is struck with awe and approaches the new hornito timidly.

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