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August 6, 2019

Calling for nominations to honor outstanding accomplishments to the spatial data infrastructure mission of the Department of Interior.

The Federal Geographic Data Committee is now accepting nominations for the Doug D. Nebert National Spatial Data Infrastructure Champion of the Year Award. Nebert was a recognized national and international leader in the establishment of spatial data infrastructures, a technical visionary, as well as a respected colleague.

To commemorate Nebert’s varied contributions to and passions for our nation’s geography and cartography, the FGDC is accepting nominations for the newly established award.

“This award commemorates Doug’s influence in promoting the vision of the NSDI,” said Ivan DeLoatch, executive director of the FGDC. “This is a unique opportunity to honor significant contributions to an individual or group of individuals that have furthered the goal of making integrated data easily available to enhance the understanding of our physical and cultural world.”

Eligibility: The nominations must recognize an individual or a team representing federal, state, tribal, regional, and/or local government, academia, or a nonprofit or professional organization that has developed an outstanding, innovative and operational tool, application or service that is used by multiple organizations and furthers the vision of the NSDI. The nominee must be a U.S. citizen.

Nomination Process: Each nomination package shall be submitted in electronic form through the award website and include a justification and related nomination information. Nominations are due by September 15, 2019.

Doug Nebert presents at a conference
Doug Nebert presents at a conference as a tireless advocate for the nation's geography and cartography (undated). (Public domain.)

Award Selection: An interagency team of spatial data infrastructure experts from the FGDC will review all nominations and make a recommendation for the award to the FGDC chair, who will make the final decision on the award. The award information will be posted on the FGDC website.

The award is based on the following foundational precepts:

  • Innovation and vision
  • Interoperability
  • Use of standards
  • Advancement of NSDI principles
  • Service to communities of users
  • Developed once, used by many
  • Improved performance and service
  • Real-world application

Further questions can be directed to Lucia Foulkes  or Rich Frazier.

Presentation of the 2018 Nebert NSDI award
The 2018 Doug D. Nebert NSDI Champion of the Year Award accepted by Commander Matthew Bourassa, Department of Homeland Security and Tod Dabolt, Department of the Interior on behalf of the Homeland infrastructure Foundation-Level Data Hurricane Response Team. The award was presented by Federal Geographic Data Committee Chair Tim Petty and FGDC Executive Director Ivan DeLoatch at the June meeting of the FGDC.  (Public domain.)


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