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TNMCorps Mapping Challenge Summary Results for City / Town Hall Structures in MT, ND, & SD

March 31, 2020

This challenge is now complete!!  Thank you to everyone who contributed!

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: Summary Results for City/Town Halls in MT, ND, & SD
(Public domain.)

Here is a time lapse of our volunteer contributions for this challenge:

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: Timelapse of MT, ND & SD City/Town Halls
(Public domain.)

Overall, 8 volunteers participated and edited 405 unique points throughout the challenge.   

Here is a summary of the edits by user role:  

  • Standard Editor: 96 
  • Peer Reviewer: 8 
  • Advanced Editor: 470 


Many thanks to our volunteers who contributed!   

  • Ava Moose
  • djs5101
  • geo163
  • Vexillophile
  • detour
  • superlemur
  • starsrunner1350
  • trmosher

A special shout-out to superlemur who just completed their 15th challenge!  And another shoutout to trmosher who completed their 5th challenge! Thanks for being such outstanding achievers!