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TV News Features USGS Use of Historical Photos to Measure Cliff Erosion in San Francisco

News from USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center

Man sits in front of camera talking, in background is a footpath along a lush grassy area with trees and bushes.
Screen capture of Jon Warrick, from the KPIX story video. Courtesy of CBS-KPIX

USGS geologist Jonathan Warrick appeared in a TV newscast about his use of historical photos to measure cliff erosion at Fort Funston in San Francisco, California. On October 28, 2016, Warrick met Andria Borba of KPIX 5, a CBS affiliate, at Fort Funston. He showed her how easily the cliff crumbles, explained how overlapping photos enabled his team to measure erosion rates, and noted that the results can help scientists forecast future erosion. “Geologists Get 3-D Pictures Of Beach Erosion On California Coast,” aired that night and on the web. A recent press release and journal article by Warrick and others prompted the interview.