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USGS Hydrologist Interviewed about Fire Effects on Water Quality, and on Debris Flow

October 2, 2018

As part of an article on the effects of wildfires on the health of infants, Santa Rosa Press Democrat reporter, Guy Kovner, interviewed Scott Wright, USGS research hydrologist, about water quality degradation, runoff, and debris flow issues related to wildfire.

charred, bare trees on a mountain side
Photo of aftermath from fire

Wildfires impacts on the natural environment, particularly soil and water, has become a concern throughout California as record-setting wildfire events have occurred in both urban and wildland areas. In California, where prolonged drought and warmer climates have increased the prevalence, severity, and duration of wildfires, the threat of wildfire is no longer restricted to a single season, but rather is a year-round hazard. Wildfires pose considerable risks to water quality and quantity, which in turn affect water supplies, fisheries, and aquatic habitats. The U.S. Geological Survey studies the past, current, and future effects wildfires have on California's water resources.

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