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Cartographic Specifications - Geographic Names

7.5-Minute OnDemand Topo cartographic specifications for geographic names landforms.



FType: No FType for this feature

FCode: 15006

Feature Description: Watercourse or channel through which water may occasionally flow (coulee, draw, gully, wash).


FType: No FType for this feature

FCode: 15042

Feature Description: A single mass of hills or mountains; a complex, interconnected series of mountain ranges having a well-defined longitudinal trend (cordillera, mountain belt, sierra).


FType: No FType for this feature

FCode: 15044

Feature Description: Elevation with a narrow, elongated crest that can be part of a hill or mountain (arête, crest, chenier, cuesta, divide, esker, hogback, mogote, lae, ridge, spur).


FType: No FType for this feature

FCode: 15048

Feature Description: Prominent elevation rising above the surrounding level of the Earth's surface; does not include pillars, ridges, or ranges; can occur as a single isolated mass or in a group (ahu, ballon, berg, bald, butte, cerro, colina, cone, cumbre, dome, head, hill, horn, knob, knoll, mauna, mesa, mesita, mound, mount, mountain, peak, puʻu, rock, sugarloaf, table, volcano).


FType: No FType for this feature

FCode: 15050

Feature Description: Linear depression in the Earth's surface that generally slopes from one end to the other (barranca, canyon, chasm, cove, draw, glen, gorge, gulch, gulf, hollow, ravine).

Cartographic Representation

 Features Not Symbolized


Font Style

Font Size

Font Color

Halo Size

Halo Color

Placement Properties

Anno Graphic Depiction

Segoe UI Italic



0.8 240/240/240

Regular placement. Place straight inside the polygon. 

Landforms Annotation

*Summit feature has different placement properties: “Regular placement. Horizontal within the polygon.”