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Standardized System Identifiers

This revision will require the use of standardized system identifiers when encoding the System Identifier (SystemID) in LAS files. This will enable users to consistently filter by or search for specific hardware sensors. 


The sensor models used to collect a lidar dataset are identified in the LAS file System Identifier (SystemID) attribute. This LAS specification is non-specific how this attribute should be populated which results in a variety of encodings for each sensor making it difficult to search for datasets collected by a specific sensor. To provide consistency to SystemID, the ASPRS LAS Working Group established a Standard System Identifiers wiki which provides a standardized encoding method for system identifiers. This revision will require use of the standardized identifiers in the LAS files for 3DEP collections.

Current requirement:

None, this is a new requirement.

Proposed addition:

In Data Processing and Handling, after ASPRS LAS File Format add:

System Identifier

  • The LAS System Identifier (SystemID) shall be encoded with the sensor model(s) used to collect data using the standardized encoding method provided by the LAS wiki,
  • If a hardware system does not have a corresponding code in the wiki, the wiki instructions for adding a new code will be followed by the data producer.